September 2017

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-Vit D for treating sunburn.
-A new tool against calcinosis.
-Innate immune pathways in cutaneous lupus.
-Individual mutanome vaccines: a revolution in immunotherapy of melanoma.
-Not all staph aureus equally bad in atopic dermatitis.
-Sunbeds do induce vitamin D production.
-Topical modulation of human skin pigmentation closer to the clinic.

FOCUS: Acne (Seite 10)
-Elective procedures in isotretinoin acne patients: (1) Wait or Do ?
-Elective procedures in isotretinoin acne patients: (2)  Have an evidence-based discussion with patients…
-How patients with acne decide if their treatment is working. / Comment les patients ayant de l’acné décident si leur traitement marche.
-Revisiting isotretinoin for Hidradenitis Suppurativa.
-Retinoids and the brain: a class effect of retinoids, as a signal emerges for alitretinoin.
-Light therapies for acne: do they really work ?
-The still-ongoing search for the acne-inducing Pacnes clone.
-The first study on skin microbiome after acne treatment.
-Evidence-based management of acne fulminans.
-Vitamin B12 acne: a reminder.

16 - [Prise de position du Groupe des Dermatologues Genevois (GDG) sur la fixation et l’adaptation du tarif dans l’assurance maladie (TarMed) annoncées le 22 mars 2017 par le Conseiller fédéral Alain Berset] (auf Französisch)
19 - myHEALTH und SGDV: Ein starkes Team für den HAUTRATGEBER

22 - Klinischer Fall: Die erfolgreiche Therapie eines lokal fortgeschrittenen Basalzellkarzinom mit Vismodegib
26 - Coup d'oeil

30 - Carolina Gouveia


31 - Naevus de Spitz

32 - The Newer Biologics are even quicker , better (auf Englisch)

Photo des Monats (Seite, page 37)

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