October 2015

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Journal Club (Page 4)

-Arrhythmia in patients with psoriasis
-Is Human Papillomavirus Vaccination also a Therapy ?  
-Astrogliosis in the spinal dorsal horn underlies chronic itch
-Adhesive Strips are useless onto sutures 
-Comorbidities in Rosacea ?      
-Imiquimod for lentigo maligna: 76% clearance rate

FOCUS: hair (Page 10)

-Mathematics for alopecia areata
-Updating molecular profile of cytokine pathways in AA
-Methylprednisolone Pulse Therapy in children with AA : worthless !
-Folliculitis decalvans . A large series
-Tineas capitis in Zurich
-PGF2a analogs for growing hairs

-Oral isotretinoin works in folliculitis decalvans


SSDV (Page 16)
16 - Tarmed code Revision - intermediary report (in French and German)
22 - The reward for research on skin cancer goes to a researcher from St. Gallen (in German and French)
24 - Competition (in German and French)

Report (Page 26)
26 - Spotlight: Angiosarcoma of Kaposi (in French)(Mérat R., Toutous-Trellu L.)
28 - Portrait: Béatrice Trigona (in French)
30 - Portrait: Rastine Mérat (in French)
32 - Klinischer Fall: Pick-Herxheimer disease or systemic sclerosis (in French) (C. Lang, E. Laffitte, I. Masouyé, R Mérat)
34 - Consensus on daylight photodynamic therapy (dl-PDT) in Switzerland (O. Gaide, G. Hofbauer, R. Hunger, M. Mühlstädt and T. Plaza)

Terminology (Page 37)
Venerology (in French and German)

Forum: Discussion forum on Derm Helv. Journal club,
Focus and more.. What’s hot ? (Page 38)

Photo of the Month (Page 39)

Industrie (Page 41)
Severe infantile hemangiomas in babies: innovating drinkable solution for younger patients (in German)

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